History + Innovation: Looking back to move forward


“History is for human self-knowledge . . . the only clue to what man can do is what man has done”. R.G. Collingwood


This year Thirsty Club is focusing on winemakers who are facing the challenge of climate change both by studying traditional winemaking and by innovating in their vineyards. We are highlighting producers who work biodynamically, sustainably and organically with the land and climate as it currently is. These winemakers are eschewing chemicals, inoculated yeast, acid correction, color correction and all the myriad ways in which technology is used to save harvests affected by hot, long growing seasons and brutal, angry winters. Instead they are hanging hail nets and hand-burying their vines, they are spending their lives with the soil as true agriculturists – producing wine that is unique, delicious and a contribution rather than a detriment to the environment.


Quarter 1  On the Mountain Top
Release February

Exploring regions that traditionally planted closer to sea level but are now looking to their peaks and higher elevations for natural acidity and balance


Quarter II Everything is New Again
Release May

Highlighting producers who are using traditional and/or non-chemical interventions to save their harvests


Quarter III Fire and Rain
Release August

Too much rain or too little: highlighting producers who are facing smoke damage, or droughts or flooding.


Quarter IV Native Soil
Release November

Winemakers are looking to biodiversity to strengthen their vineyards, using native varietals, native yeast and native animals, funghi and complementary plants to combat climate change.